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LSG, VALCOM, Turkiye Temsilcisi, Zeta Enerji,<SPAN class=titolopiccolo>LSG</SPAN><BR>LSG is a float level switch de,
LSG is a float level switch designed for liquid level control in marine and industrial fields.
Typical applications are high and overfilling protection, water presence detection, high and low alarm level of liquids with or without foam.
Inside the float is placed a toroidal magnet which drives, without contact, a switch located inside the guide pipe; instrument have to be supplied with a constant voltage of 24Vdc (for example by means of TSU400FM barrier) in order to provide two constant current output values related to alarm thresholds (On=5mA / Off=13mA). Switch replacement can be done without dismantling instrument from the process and doesn’t need any
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